From the sanskrit Shiro : head and Dhara : flow.

This technique used in the indian culture for 5000 years treatspsychosomatic problems by inducing a deep relaxation. It's a care particularly recommanded for Vata people.

After a skull massage with a special organic oil, which prepare the patient to receive Shirodhara, I pour a luke warm medicinal oil, in a rythmic and continuous way, on the forehead, the scalp and hair of the patient.


This soothing care is very effective to reduce stress and treat depression linked diseases, anxiety and mental fatigue.

The oil poured on the forehead stimulates the peripherical nerves of the skin to the brain. Then there is a serotonin releasing and  stimulation of the parasympathic nervous system responsible of reduction of stress, relaxation, sleep.

Thanks to the constant flow of oil on the forehead, Shirodhara tranquilizes and stabilizes the mind that become quiet and serene. The forehead is linked to essential exocrin glands (pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus) which control all the hormonal secretions, responsible not only for autonomous responses : digestion, breath, elimination ... but also for our emotional states  (Shirodhara releases buried emotions, purify the mind).


Shirodhara can be prescribes for head, neck, eyes, ENT or nervous system problems. It is recommanded for Vata unbalance, insomnia, epilepsy, headaches, nervousness, excess of work, memory and concentration problems et de concentration, psychologic problems, hair loss...


It is advised to stay calm after the care, to avoid wind and sun.

This care last 1 heure. It can be done evry days in case of serious problem or each week, monthly or from time to time.

The price is 90€ for the first session séance then 65€ for the following.

Package of 415€ instead of 480€ for 7 sessions (1 free session).



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