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I don't have time to practice Yoga ?

Yoga isn't a waste of time. It will rather give you time in your life, helping you to get ride of useless thoughts and improving your health.

If the schedule doesn't suit you, you can ask me to open new classes or take private classes.

I am not bendy enough to practice Yoga ?

It's like saying I'm too dirty to take a shower. Yoga is a practice. You will become more bendy by practicing.

I am not in a good physical condition to practice Yoga ?

Yoga will help you to re-establish a good physical condition.

What do I wear to practice Yoga ?

Anything comfortable that allows you a full range of motion, Avoid belts or tight elastics at waist.

Do I wear sneakers or socks to practice Yoga ?

No. Bare foots on the mat allows to open the toes, to grip, to develop the stability of the foot and to feel grounded.

What do I bring to practice Yoga ?


Can I eat before the class ?

Try not to eat 2 hours before. You can drink until 30 minutes before.

How often should I practice Yoga ?

As much as you can. Start with once a week. You will begin to see benefits with 3 times a week.

I'm not a supermodel in Yoga pants !

We don't care. Yoga is for everyone !

I'm not a believer or spiritual, can I still practice Yoga ?

Of course ! Yoga is about connecting with yourself and your breath.

I'm afraid to fall asleep during Savasana at the end of the class ?

It's not a problem. The teacher will wake you up when it's time to go.



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