Abhyanga : body massage


Massage is an ancient traditional practice in India. It is an indian lifestyle. Indian people use self-massages daily. It is used daily in Panchakarma ayurvedic treatments to prepare the body.


Abhyanga is a full body massage* (*except pubic area) which relaxes, but also prevents and helps to heal diseases.


It is done with a warm organic oil with medicinal herbs, specific to your constitution (Prakriti) or specific to your unbalance or disease (Vrikiti).


It rebalances the 3 Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), allows energy to circulate into the body and nourishes the tissus (Dathus).

It is recommanded in rejuvenation treatments, in case of join, muscular problems, or general weakness, in case of stress, nerves or psychological problems (unbalances linked to Vata Dosha), in case of cardiovascular, gynecologic problems, in case of postural problems. It reinforces the libido, the lymphatic and blood system, and the respiratory system.


The massage that I offer includes also the stimulation of the main Marmas of the body (vital points) as well as the face massage with an ayurvedic moisturing rose cream and an aloe vera gel with gold leaves.


After the massage, the oil is kept on the body at least 1 hour before taking a hot shower in order to open the pores of the skin, allowing the herbs active components to penetrate.


It is better to avoid it after meals, during periods, in case of high fever or in case of exuding skin lesions. Cover small wounds with a bandage.


After the massage you are totally relaxed (lots of patients fall asleep on the massage table) and I serve you a Rasayanaprash, a hot organic ayurvedic beverage, invigorating and revitalizing.


This massage last 1h30 for a price of 80 €.


* This massage isn't medical, nor sensual.


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