Sabrina Djennadi

Sabrina has always loved movement, expression by the mean of the body and natural well being. She began competition gymnastics at the age of 6 years old and practiced at a national level for 18 years. This long practice allowed her to explore fully the capacities of the human body. as well as its limits and frailties. At the same time, she obtained a federal gymnastics trainer's diploma and coached a junior team. She pass on her knowledge and know-how to the youngest. She is also a gymnastics judge : her eyes are used to analyze and correct alignments and body positions, she has solid knowledge in biomechanics.

Then she practiced fitness for 15 years along with Yoga (physical practice).


She is passionate about nature, the living, human body and movement. And it was natural for her to pursue scientific studies after which she obtained a master in cellular and physiology biology. This knowledge completes her sport experience.


But life led her to other paths and she worked in computer science and business management.

During this period, she practiced Yoga only for postures, like gentle gymnastics. But in 2015, a trauma led her to discover what is really Yoga, a complete practice which takes into account our whole being, allowing us to reconnect with our true nature. She delved into the study of ancient texts and began a daily practice. Yoga and Pranayama saved her life !


She decided to do a Yoga teacher training with Soma Yoga Institute to share this wonderful tool with others and became Yoga Alliance certified. Listening to the people, she likes to take time to adjust a posture and push people to discover themselves. In 2018, she did a Kids Yoga training to help the new generation.


She completed her training with Ayurveda, the little sister of Yoga. As a trained biologist, this completes naturally her career. She offers massages and ayurvedic cares. With practice, she discovers the power of the energy flowing through her hands. People fall asleep on her massage table. This energy, this Prana surrounding us, becomes a passion, that's how Prana Yoga & Ayurveda is born. She is here to offer you her guidance and to help you to find the rhythm of your own practice and harmonizing this rhythm with your actual being of live.

Sabrina is today a Yoga teacher and an Ayurvedic practitioner.

- She gives Yoga lessons and Ayurvedic cares at her home studio.

- She gives Yoga and Handstands lessons at Sport Dance Complex in Bordeaux.

- She leads workshops worldwide.



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